Abstract. The American People And The Politicians Believe

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The American people and the politicians believe that World War I would be the war that ended all wars. Many did not believe there should even be a military, just a National Guard for homeland security. There was a great downsizing of military personnel and equipment after World War I. The United States never occupied German after World War I, which set the stage for another war because Hitler never admitted that Germany lost. Hitler believed Germany lost because of enemy propaganda, not defeat on the battlefield. GEN Marshall became the Army Chief of Staff in a time that required a rebuild of the U.S. military. GEN Marshall organized the greatest military expansion and prepared American forces for war. It was a very arduous
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Fellow officers assumed MAJ Marshall would be relieved after the incident, but instead he earned respect and a position in GEN Pershing staff. He proved himself as such a gifted administrator and global strategist that Franklin Roosevelt was forced to give the job GEN Marshall coveted, the command of Operation Overlord for the invasion of France, to Dwight Eisenhower, saying to GEN Marshall, "I didn 't feel I could sleep at ease with you out of Washington" (Hull, 2016). These situations shaped GEN Marshall’s career, which lead him to being in many staff position and mentored by many great leaders. GEN Marshall’s greatest staff position with the largest task of his career is to prepare a undermanned and ill-equipped military for yet another World War. GEN George Marshall was instrumental in preparing the force for war and being victorious in World War II because he organized the largest military expansion in U.S. history, he wrote the central strategy for all Allied operation, and the invasion of Europe, and his post war rebuild plan successfully rebuilt Europe, earning him the Noble Peace Prize.
GEN Marshall Organized the Largest Military Expansion
Winston Churchill undoubtedly came the closest in describing Marshall 's importance in the war effort when Churchill cabled Washington late in the war: "He is the true ‘organizer of victory’” (Ellwood, 2006). In 1939, Gen Marshall became the Chief of Staff
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