Abstract. The Continuum Model Proposed By Fiske And Neuberg

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The continuum model proposed by Fiske and Neuberg in 1999 explains how people can use different impression formation processes to categorize new acquaintances in different social environments. These being category-based processing, which might be even seen as primitive and innate from the human consciousness, we can slowly move towards a more piecemeal data-based processing as our motivation and relative importance is increased. Otherwise we stand in an almost superficial stereotypical assumption of human perception. Keywords: Continuum model, social cognition, perception, attitudes, behavior, psychedelics, entheogens.
The Mysteries of Perception
A review of the different aspects of how personality, traits and attitude can
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Perception can greatly vary from person to person. The way a person perceives a new acquaintance is mostly going to be very different than the next one. Many factors play a role in making this statement true. Race, religion, culture, country of origin, and most importantly, the level of education will have an immediate effect on how we perceive not only people but the world in general this way of processing information about other people and social situations is also referred to as social cognition.
Perception might be relative because the way the world is perceived for a person suffering from Autism Spectrum disorder will be completely different than how a person with down syndrome perceive the world, and a person who does not suffer from any of these disorders will obviously have a different view of the world which will be more in coincidence with the perception of the general population of an specific place. The same goes for people who take certain drugs, for example, people who take Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD will have a completely different way of perceiving the world than someone who has not taken anything or even compared to himself sober, his or her way of perceiving the world will be affected for the next 8 to 12 hours. This also differs from person to person and from drug to drug. I have to emphasize the fact that drugs that affect the perception
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