Abstract. The Packaging Process At Ninkasi Brewery Adds

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Abstract The packaging process at Ninkasi Brewery adds value to their end result that is delivering their best quality craft brews. Processes are key elements to a business’s ability to create and distribute products that will meet the needs of their target market; therefore the need for industries to analyze specific processes within their organizations is significant. This paper is an outline of understanding Ninkasi’s packaging and bottling process and how the brewery can apply quantitative and qualitative tools to potentially reduce defects in this specific process. Ninkasi Brewing Company: The Packaging Process Organization Description The organization I have chosen to analyze is Ninkasi Brewing Company. “Back in 2005, neither…show more content…
Secondly, Ninkasi is extremely community oriented and has a program known as “Beer is Love,” which supports non-profit doing work in five core categories: women, equality, recreation, the environment, and arts and music. Lastly, I appreciate the company’s goal to perpetuate better living and their continued efforts to adopt more sustainable practices throughout the brewery. Overall, the company has several valuable traits and I look forward to digging deeper and gaining new knowledge about the company’s operations. Operation Description The operation in which I plan to explore is Ninkasi’s packaging process. I specifically plan to analyze the brewery’s bottling line and the brewery’s recent encounters for defects in their packaging process such as; low fills, crooked labels, chipped, or broken bottles, and equipment shut downs. First I will discuss how these problems can be identified. Second, I will apply quantitative tools to the problems. Third, I will provide insights into how Ninkasi may use these tools to potentially reduce defects in their packaging line. The Bottling Line Ninkasi’s bottling line is capable of producing both 22 oz. and 12 oz. bottles and can package 22 oz. bottles at a rate of 150 bottles per minute, and 12 oz. bottles at a rate of 250 bottles per minute. First, the machine takes empty bottles and runs them through a rinser cleaning them inside and out to ensure they are sent to the filler sanitized. Once the bottles are

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