Abstract. This Document Will Briefly Discuss Subjects And

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Abstract This document will briefly discuss subjects and answer questions related to the development of a Request for Proposal (RFP). First, the purpose of the Management Requirements Section will be discussed and its importance to the RFP. As well, different methods will be reviewed that ensure suppliers provide buyers with the right resources, in addition to managing the risk associated with low quality resources. Further, the complexity of training logistics is discussed in comparison buyer plans. The significance of cutover is also discussed along with considerations in planning cutover activities. Moreover, ways of comparing pricing is discussed as well as evaluating proposal pricing. Lastly, considerations in the evaluation of…show more content…
The sharing of the information can be accomplished through the issuance of Request for Information (RFI), Sources Sought Notices and clearly written RFPs. Buyers should also pay particular attention to the feedback given by the supplier in the supplier’s section. Buyers should be very specific in the description of their needs both technical and managerial in the RFP. This will serve to further reinforce and clarify their resource needs to the suppliers. Because a supplier’s qualifications are critical to the success of the work being performed on any contract, suppliers should be vetted through a process that is thorough and comprehensive. According to Porter-Roth (2002), typical information a supplier should provide includes; “a brief history of the supplier’s firm, the suppliers installation and maintenance offerings and capabilities, the relationship between the supplier and each manufacturer and how long this relationship has been in existence, evidence that the supplier has the necessary technical skills, technical staff, and financial resources to perform the contract, a list of currently installed systems, and names of customers with similar configurations….and who can provide references” for the
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