Abstract. This Research Paper Outline Presents The Key

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This research paper outline presents the key strategies that hospitals should take to ensure success in their organizations. Hospitals have the job of maintaining the delicate balance between providing affordable, high quality healthcare, and ensuring that the workers are fairly compensated, the buildings are maintained, and the stakeholders are satisfied.
I. Introduction
A. Thesis Statement: Strategies to achieve a successful healthcare organization
B. Definition of terms
KPI: - Key Performance Indicators: the products or services that are used to measure the performance of companies.
C. Significance of the study
Proper healthcare is one of the basic human needs and is provided for in the constitution. However, it is becoming
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There have been numerous changes in the policies that govern the manner in which governments, especially the US Government, spend their money. These are partly to blame for the reduced spending for the Health sector resulting in the need to change the management of health care institutions.
3. Trends and emerging issues
Hospitals are currently in a shift for better management of their resources and changing their mode of operations from socialistic to capitalistic. This is a change to streamline the delivery of services and use of products to ensure that they yield sustainable profits. This has resulted into hospital boards employing the services of C.E.Os who may not have a strong medical background, but with strong business management skills.
4. The near future
Non-profit hospitals may generate enough revenue to be able to provide medical care equivalent to that which the government offers through heavy taxes. Healthcare service costs are set to reduce given the heavy reduction of wastage and streamlining of the delivery and supply chain of the good they consume. Given that most people will be able to afford healthcare, the government will have little motivation to continue providing subsidized coverage for Americans who may not be able to afford it. The mechanisms to reduce the number of people under government cover have already been set in motion (Jost & Lazarus, 2017).
B. Changing the management style
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