Abstract. Through Research We Can See The Causes, Misdiagnosis,

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Abstract Through research we can see the causes, misdiagnosis, treatment, types and symptoms of eating disorders. Pressures from society and dislike towards oneself seem to be the largest factor in the development of eating disorders. They can often mask other serious symptoms. Treatment can vary but can interplay with the treatments of mood disorders. The symptoms range between the different types of eating disorders. Diagnosing eating disorders can be difficult because most patients perform tell-tell signs when they are alone. There is also no well-defined meaning of binge. The importance of regular evaluation of patients about eating disorders is key in preventing and treating. Research is plentiful and wide ranging. Studies are…show more content…
Eating disorders are very complex and can be life threatening (Costa, et. al, 2016). Due to eating disorders being so complex, it makes them hard to accurately diagnose. Sometimes eating disorders can be misdiagnosed. One specific case of eating disorders being misdiagnosed is in the instance of gastrointestinal issues. In some cases, eating disorders can mask the underlying gastrointestinal problem (Chelvanayagam & Newell, 2015). Eating disorders can affect every body system due to purging, starvation, and binge eating (Chelvanayagam & Newell, 2015). Thus making it difficult to accurately diagnose eating disorders. Another issue with diagnosing eating disorders is the criticism of the word binge and what is truly means in terms of eating disorders. This is due to the fact that there is no guide of how much food is too much (Eichen & Wilfley, 2016). The argument is whether the amount of food eaten is necessary to the person’s diet, or if the amount of food eaten was due to loss of self-control (Eichen & Wilfley, 2016). Symptoms of eating disorders vary between the types of eating disorders. Most who suffer with an eating disorder do so privately. Therefore, it is important to regularly ask the patient about their eating habits (Eichen & Wilfley, 2016). Also, this is why being able to assess the symptoms of eating disorders is very important. Correct diagnosis is crucial. The following are types of eating disorders and the symptoms

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