Abstract: Understanding the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Women's Sexuality

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Colangelo, J. J., & Keefe-Cooperman, K. (2012). Understanding the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Women 's Sexuality. Journal Of Mental Health Counseling, 34(1), 14-37.

The purpose of this study was to show how childhood sexual abuse (CSA) victims often are faced with negative psychological and emotional consequences which have profound effects on their lives, as well as their sexuality. The intent of the authors was to show the occurrence of CSA among different women populations, and how it negatively affects them for the rest of their lives. The authors also discuss different suggestions for counselors dealing with these CSA victims, and how they must have a vast understanding of how these women compromise their sex lives
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The authors of this article want the readers to understand the underlying issues and problems that many women face after they have been sexually abused as a child. Usually people recognize that women face sexual problems after they have been abused, but don’t really understand what they go through, or how to help. So, this can be used as a guide for counselors on CSA victims about who they are, how they react to their situations, and ways they can be successful in the future. By writing this article, the authors wanted to help mental health counselors approach the CSA victims in way where they could be better understood.
I found this article persuasive in a sense that the authors make the readers really see what these women go through after they are sexually abused as a child. The authors used plenty of statistics, different references, and thorough information on the sexual disorders that derive from CSA and post-health for the victims. I believe the authors did an agreeable amount of research which persuaded the audience to feel for the victims and really appreciate the work that must be done so they can deal with their issues. One of the only issues I had was that the authors did not conduct an experiment of their own. I was hoping to see a survey that they had researched and developed, but their case study was more of the focal point of the article. I believe that if they would have done an actual research method themselves, rather than using statistics
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