Abstract. What Separates Us From Other Animals? We Have

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Abstract What separates us from other animals? We have the ability to form words and we can develop further because of that. Humans are great at facial recognition in an upright orientation but they typically have trouble when it comes to inversion that being when the picture is in upside down orientation. But why is it that humans have trouble with inversion? Participants were an opportunity sample from a college where two groups of students at different times were asked to look at pictures from a year book one group in the upright group and the other being in the inverted group and later were asked if they recognize the pictures or not. The data shows us that people in the inversion group did worse than people in the upright group. This…show more content…
Facial recognition is a very important task and process that we need. Because that is how we assess who is someone familiar or a stranger which is very important for our safety. An article written by Meng Ming and Pallet P. Pamela (2015) titled Inversion effects reveals dissociations in facial expression of emotion, gender, and object processing talks about how there are differences in processing of facial expressions for emotion, gender and objects. According to the article “It has been proposed that the FIE results from an orientation dependent processing scheme, in which upright faces trigger primarily holistic encoding, while inverted faces and objects recruit a more feature based approach.” (Meng, Pallet, 2015, p. 1). In other words, according to Meng and Pallet’s (2015) article a possible reasoning or explanation for facial inversion effect or FIE is because of our own brain’s way of processing information and that upright faces bring about one way of processing the information and inverted faces brings along another route that is more specific. The purpose of this experiment is to understand why facial inversion effect exist. As well as to further to understand why does the brain work the way it does and why do the various processes happen or occur in the manner that they do. We hypothesized that participants in the upright group will do better and the
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