Abstract Wireless Sensor Network ( Wsn )

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Abstract—Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is basically a wireless network in which sensor nodes are distributed in any environment condition, to collect the data or information such as temperature, pressure, wind, sea level etc. and accordingly data or information will be passed to the main location. Reliable Trust and Reputation of a node stands for the measure of trust over a certain period of time which can be useful to evaluate the risk of attack from that particular node. We have combined all these parameters in order to risk of attack from a particular node. I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are getting more and more involved in our society, researchers and manufacture. As the use of WSNs increases the more challenges rise to make them immune and life longer. Therefore, both fields industry and academia invest money to improve the capability of the security integrity, confidentiality, and authentication. Since WSNs are distributed in unfrequented and abandoned venues, the physical security is unconcerned or less concern. The most concern is the lifetime of Wireless sensor networks, sensors have limited source of power. Thus, economizing energy will keep sensors live longer, the less power means more efficiency. Moreover, secure data is important as well, since no one attends where sensors are located, it is easy to manipulate data or steal it. Cryptography provides high security to WSNs, using algorithms to encrypt and decrypt the sent data is

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