Abstract:. With The Development Of The Business, The Competitive

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Abstract: With the development of the business, the competitive between the company is become more and more fierce. Customer relationship is one of the most important for every company. which company have a good relationship it will have advantage of the competitive. Customer relationship management system as a new technology was used in the company. this essay is talk about the different part and the function of the customer relationship management system, introduce the product of customer relationship management system and also talk about the practical application about the customer relationship management system. Key word Customer relationship management system. company Review the Theories Customer relationship management: it…show more content…
1. The important part of the customer relationship and the function of each part At the beginning of this part, to understand what is the customer relationship management is the very important. Customer relationship management is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that the company use to management and analyze customer interactions and data. It is using the data that get from the different way of the company platform like the telephone, e-mail, marketing materials and social media to help the company improve business decision analysis, marketing management, customer service management. (Rouse.Margaret., 2014) There are some important part of the customer relationship management and the main function of these part. 1.1 Customer relationship management system Customer relationship management system is use the software and the Advanced technology to help the company collect, save and management of the data about all of the part of the company like the customer data and marketing data. And these data is the important part for the company to use the customer relationship management. 1.2 Business decision For the part of the business decision. It is means that the company manager can use the data that they were collected and manage well in the database of the customer relationship management system. Use this data can help the company manager make a decision easier. Because it is very easy and quickly for the manager to find the
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