Abstract -crankshafts Are An Integral Part Of An Automobile Engine

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Abstract –Crankshafts are an integral part of an automobile engine. The crankshaft undergoes various loads and stresses during operation. A crankshaft is responsible in conjunction with the piston rod for converting the linear movement of piston into rotary movement. In this paper we represent FEA analysis and topology optimization of 2 wheeler crankshaft. In this paper represents detail about the project. In this project, the crankshaft will be analyzed and suitable changes for weight optimization will be made in the crankshaft. The main objectives in this project are to analyze and find out the low stress regions on the crankshaft and try and reduce weight of the crankshaft by eliminating the low stress regions from the crankshaft. In…show more content…
The shape and size of crankshaft depends on the number and arrangement of cylinders. It is usually made by steel forging, but some makers use special types of cast-iron such as spheroidal graphitic or nickel alloy castings which are cheaper to produce and have good service life.

Fig. 1.2: Crankshaft

There are other components in the I.C. Engine like Bearings, Flywheel, spark plug, fuel pump and carburetor but majority of the parts contributing in the mechanism are explained above.

Crankshaft is one of the most important moving parts in internal combustion engine. Crankshaft is a large component with a complex geometry in the engine, which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston into a rotary motion. It is essential that crankshaft is designed with consideration of dynamic loading and with modern engineering techniques with good factor of safety. At the same time it is important to reduce the weight of any component of the automobile even if by the slightest without compromising function of the component. As reduction in the weight helps us improving carbon footprint of the vehicle and reduce the effect of emission on the environment as well as have more economical transport by increasing fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


Jaimin Brahmbhatt & Prof. Abhishek Choubey (2012) presented a paper on “Design and Analysis of Crankshaft for Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Diesel Engine”
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