Absurdity In The Stranger By Albert Camus

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In the book The Stranger, by Albert Camus, the use of absurdity is at a great extent. Throughout the book, Camus gives plenty of absurd scenarios that are carried out by the characters. This essay will point out many of the parts from the book which are great examples of this topic. In the beginning of the book, the main character and narrator, Meursault, is notified that his mother has passed away. She lived in an old people’s home because she was sick and Meursault could not afford to take care of her. The absurd part about this event, is the fact that Meursault did not even shed a tear at his own mother’s funeral. Another ridiculous part is that he did not even know her age! He was asked by one of the undertakers, “Was she old?” And Meursault replied, “Fairly,” then after stating, “because I didn’t know the exact number,” (p.16). It is completely absurd to not know your own mother’s age. Meursault also didn’t want to look at his mother in the casket. Instead, he drank coffee and smoked during the funeral. That is purely absurd to do at one’s own mother’s funeral. Another example of absurdity in the book, The Stranger, would be Meursault’s feelings towards his girlfriend, Marie. They have a very intimate relationship and Marie even tells Meursault that she loves him. However, when Marie asked if he loved her back, he replied that he did not. As strong and intimate their relationship is, it is almost absurd for Meursault to say that he doesn’t love her. He even fantasizes
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