Abu Arrayhan Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Biruni

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Though astrology is considered a field that lacks rationality astronomy is considered a discipline in science that is rather well established (Abu 2014). This was not true in the ancient times as the two were highly intertwined. Hence the need for scholars who would distinguish between the two, one such scholar whose work this research expects alludes to is from Al-Biruni. Al-Biruni born in Khawrazm in Karakaplakstan spent most of his lifetime in the Indian subcontinent and in central Asia. He was one among distinguished scholars who were associated with the court of King Mahmoud Ghaznawi, a widely known Muslim king of 11th century. Upon his return from India, Al-Biruni wrote a book whereby he discusses various theorems pertaining to astronomy, trigonometry, and lunar, solar and planetary motions. In his books he also discusses the fact that the earth rotates on its own axis and he provides the correct latitudes and longtitudes of a couple of places (Abu 2014). He also contributed in coming up with a complete description to the Hindu positional principle of numeration, and he played a pivotal role in proving Heron’s formula and Brahmagupta’s generalization.

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In physics, he dealt with specific…
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