Abu Dhabi Police Pestel Analysis

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1. Type of business
2. Mission and Goals
3. Customer Value Proposition
4. Customers of Abu Dhabi Police
5. Value adding
6. PESTDL Model
 Macro-Environment
 Political factors
 Economic factors
 Social factors
 Technological factors
 Demographic factors
 Legal factors
7. Roles and functions of the HRM

Type of Business Abu Dhabi Police is a bureaucratic organization set with the aim of improving security to the people. It mainly achieves its objective through the reduction of fear among the members of the society, eradication of crime or putting it to low levels, and most importantly it contribute much of its efforts to bring
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Micro-environmental factors are categorized using the PESTEL model. They include the following;
1. Political factors These are the factors which are with the accordance of how the government is involved in the business activities. Government may want to control the products which may otherwise be dangerous in hands of ordinary citizens. Government should also be involved in the provision of services such social amenities. Government is also involved in subsidizing some products which are produced by the individuals, in order minimize the production cost which will be reflected in the prices of the products or the services rendered. As the Abu Dhabi provides for its services to the citizens, is in a proper position to act in accordance to the law in meeting the customers’ needs.
2. Economic factors These are some of the factors which include interest rates, inflation and deflation, and taxation rates among other factors. In cases where inflation is being experienced, normally a lot of money is used in chasing just a small quantity of goods or services. The employees are always out seeking for high salaries bringing to unfavorable business environment. Abu Dhabi police are out to promote national income growth through the provision of a secure environment for productivity. In this regard, this has boosted the demand for their services from the

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