Abu Ghraib Analysis

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After watching the video on the MP’s in Abu Ghraib, I would have to say that the whistleblower acted in authority as an MP to report his cohorts. As for the 7 that were accused of the crime, they acted in social conformity. I feel like it was a think group gone wrong. the ringleader had a more powerful personality than the others, so he lead them along. I believe the thinking came from the idea that those people were the enemy and should be treated as if they were. Often times when people are exposed to traumatic situations they lose the ability to make choices on there own as well as the sense of what is right and wrong. I am not making excuses for their actions. However, I think in a case of war the whole idea of right and wrong could easily be lost. when people are dealing with trauma and they have no idea how to comprehend like In such case they follow the lead of the strongest personality to get them though.…show more content…
The one up game began and quickly got out of control. this is often the case with bordom. It happens a lot in real prisons. People get bored and need a stimulant to pass the time. often that results in victimization, a distraction, or some other forms of socialization. The need for power and control is a pretty predominate characteristic in all of the settings both the real life and said controlled experiments. your either the in-group or the out-group both groups think they are the in-group. Either side has a ringleader in the Zimbardo experiment it was inmate 8162. He claimed he was bored and thought it would pass time to stir things up. as for that real life issue with the MP, that was very much a social conformity matter. the whole town was in an uproar over him telling on the hero. perhaps in another town like Seattle that would not have been the
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