Abuse : Be The Solution Not The Problem

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April 1, 2015

Prof Josephine Walwema
Oakland University
Department of Writing and Rhetoric
307 O’Dowd Hall

Dear Professor Walwema:

Abuse: Be the Solution Not the Problem

I am pleased to submit my proposal to limit the amount of abuse that occurs in the world. There is a growing problem on this topic because cases of abuse are heard daily, weekly, and/or monthly on the television news, especially in sports leagues such as the NFL, where the word abuse or domestic violence, a form of abuse, is at a very critical point today.

I believe the solutions I have provided are the best ways to limit the number of cases for abuse. The solutions that I come up with are some solutions that are already in place and a few other ideas that will help limit the amount of cases of abuse.

I appreciate your time and thank you for the opportunity to present this proposal. I welcome all of the questions or concerns you may have regarding this proposal.

Thank You,


Emanuel Hasaj

Emanuel Hasaj


Be the Solution Not the Problem

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Abuse: Be the Solution Not the Problem 4
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Executive Summary

The number of cases of abuse is growing, and growing drastically at that. With the number of cases growing, sports…
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