Abuse In Adolescents

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In a survey, NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) found that in 2013, 46,000 teens (8th-12th grade) have done drugs in the past year (Bellum, 2013). One may say, that’s not that many considering the teen population in the United States, but even one is bad. Patrick is my cousin. He is my brothers age. They were great friends. My brother is going to college to play golf next year and Patrick is in drug treatment for the third time. He probably will not graduate from high school. It is hard to watch your cousin, but mostly my friend go down a dark and lonely road. Patrick got in with the wrong group of kids and led him to this scary place. It is very sobering to sit in visiting hours listening to him be very candid about what
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Family History of Substance Abuse, Having a Mental Health Disorder, Peer Pressure, Lack of Family Involvement and Taking Highly Addictive Drugs (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016). You might think that some of these risk factors are foolish, when most of them can be prone to a substance abuse in an adolescent's life. Having a Mental Health issue is one of the most common factors to substance abuse, being depressed, having anxiety or being stressed can cause teens to feel hopeless and that is when they turn to drugs and alcohol to “support them”; Lack of Family Involvement also puts teens at a higher risk of abusing substances, when a teen feels alone when they are at home, they find ways to replace a family’s love with other things, substances. Lastly, I believe that Peer Pressure causes thousands of teens to do things against their beliefs. We can all agree that being a teenager is an abnormal time, we are finding out who we are and we want to fit in with “that group”, minors will do anything, including drugs to be accepted in society. The upsetting part is, us teens do not understand that we are who we are, we need to find friends who make us a better person, like us for our true selves; not forcing you into bad ideas that could lead you down the wrong road in your
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