Abuse Of Authority And Misinforming Of Doctrines Of Martin Luther And The Catholic Church

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Martin Luther, a man in the lowest division in the hierarchy of the German nation, was the one who initiated a solution to a major issue at the time: abuse of authority and misinforming of facts of catholic church. Luther was a clergyman, who obtained a degree in law and a career at a university instructing students. While training in law and theology, he quickly drew a fascination for religion. Learning and indulging more into the factual information from his theological studies, he began to question the doctrines of the Roman church. The pope had a profusion of authority and used that to govern the people religiously. Influencing the people of the church, the pope made people believe that one had to know Latin in order to converse with God. Although it was false, the people believed him because this affirmation came from a man with such spiritual power. It provoked them to depend on the pope because they thought they needed him to speak to God and practice religion. With knowing factual information, Luther disagreed with this religious axiom and opted to challenge the erroneous of the papacy. Luther writes the Ninety-Five Theses, which was about the church and nails on the church door. The theses states many facts directly from the bible, one including that the people of the church do not understand the doctrines and are being taken advantage of. It also states that the punishment for sin should not be what the pope has been enforcing. This information was instantly
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