Abuse Of Drug Abuse

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INTRODUCTION All societies in the world has been battling the increase in the criminal activities in their cities, towns, counties and suburbs on daily basis, and these activities can only be reduced drastically if the factor motivating groups or individuals committing this crime can be identified. The abusive use of drugs has always been on the increase in recent years among teenagers and led to it being addictive which makes them have no control over it and thereby making the behave in a way that is tagged antisocial. Drug abuse also known as substance abuse as defined in Wikipedia is a patterned use of drug in which the user consumes the substance in amounts or with methods which are harmful to themselves or to others. While drug addiction is condition where an individual feels a strong need to take a drug. Both cases of drug abuse and addiction have always never been of advantage to the society but a dysfunctional activity that needs to be curbed in other to have a safe society. Cases of domestic violence, rape, kidnap, theft has always been traced to the perpetrators using some sorts of drugs abusively or be an addict. Drug abuse and addiction is being frowned at in different societies because it has always been on record of contributing negatively to the progress of the society and different laws have been put in place to criminalize the possession and the use of drugs. This paper seeks to explain the different ways abusive ways of drugs, and

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