Abuse Of Power In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Imagine, people at your feet, doing everything you ask, raising you higher and better than everyone else. Does it feel good to live a life of luxury? Some would give up everything they have to achieve this fantasy, and the ones who finally have it never let it go. This is what it is like to have power and most abuse it. In the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, it follows a young boy named Elie, through a tragic event called the holocaust. Through so many traumatizing moments of fear and helplessness gives the ongoing theme of power, or the abuse of power. Power is something that an individual gains by asserting authority over others and can influence what they do or what happens. In this case many people that took part in the holocaust abused their power to accomplish extreme genocide. The abuse of power originated from Hitler, onto the people who ran the concentration camps, and to the people directly looking over the mistreated Jews. To start, when Hitler came into power, everyone loved him and he was like any average ruler until things started to change. Hitler led Germany into battle in World War II and mostly everyone was convinced that it was only a matter of time before they won the battle, but when this was not the case Hitler was outraged. From the article in historylearningsite.co.uk it illustrates what Hitler felt, ““stabbed in the back” by the Jews” (Trueman). This was most likely the result of feeling like he needed someone to put the blame on, someone to be displeased at. The Jews didn’t purposely make Germany surrender or have any part of having Germany lose the war, after all it was their country too. After this event, things started to go down hill for the Jews and what most people refer to as mankind's worst mistake. Secondly, Hitler started to use his power to exterminate or control the population of all Jews, thus abusing it and doing things that should not be done with his power. Since he thought Jews took everything away from him and Germany he started dehumanizing them and treated them as if worse than animals. The novel Night states that they were deprived of all of their jewels and precious belongings, having to wear a yellow star so everyone knew they were Jewish, living in the ghettos,
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