The Purpose Of The Stanford Prison Experiment

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Most individuals with authority will likely abuse their power. Such as demonstrated in the Stanford Prison experiment, where participants played the role of guards and prison in a mock-prison. This experiment was supposed to last two weeks but only lasted six days because the guards were buying abusive and the prisoners became anxious and highly stressed. Also, in this experiment, the man who conducted this experiment lost side track of the purpose of the experiment and that it is not an actual prison. Although, the experiment was just an experiment, the individuals who were the guards loss awareness of that and abuse their positions as guards. These individuals we don’t know how their characteristics, nor their personalities. We know they comply their behavior to fit the role of a guard. We can see this in the Flint water crisis since the people in positions that they need to protect the well- being of their people just as the guards who purpose is to maintain order in the prison not abuse the prisoners. We assume people in authority didn’t want to harm any individuals purposely. People with positions with authority, such as the governor of the state didn’t want to say one of the city…show more content…
We should try to save every life possible. We need to work as a society to be able to say “NO” to a situation that puts our integrity in danger. We need to say “No” to a situation where put people in dangerous. Because if we say “No,” we can prevent any future chaos. In order to say no, we as individual have to be well informed of the situation. So each of us can come up with their own conclusion without the bias of someone. Since most people change their behavior and action due to social pressure. While, we say “No,” we need to remember that we are civilized people who know how to have a conversation without violence. If we use violence, what is the point if our actions overpasses our message, therefore our message isn’t important
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