Abuse Of Prescription Drug Abuse

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When people hear of prescription drug abuse they think of people that do not have a prescription using the drug for other reasons but this is not always the case. People that get a prescription, may abuse it by misuse of selling them, or by over use. Many different types of prescription drugs are very addictive and used out of control. They can have some serious effects on a person.
Why does so many people abuse prescription drugs? Some will say it is safer than street drugs since it is FDA approved. Is it because prescription drugs are easier to get a hold of and sometimes cheaper? Some believe it is safe for them to consume because it was given to them by a Physician. That is not the case many Doctors have given out medication because the patient will come in knowing what symptoms to say to get what they need. In today’s time, it is so easy to run to the doctor and get some sort of prescription drug. It does not take much to get one, most doctors today do not even try to find the main cause to the problem they just write a prescription and send a person on their way. This is a one major problem that leads to abuse of prescription drugs. Why would someone want to take something if it is not going to help them with the main problem? So the person is not getting help on what could be causing their problem, but given something to ease the problem. As soon as the medication wears off, the problem is back. Of course sometimes it may help in fixing the problem but in most cases

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