Essay on Abuse and Proper Discipline

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Hennig 1 Charlene Hennig Professor Hinton ENC 1101-59961 August 28, 2014 I have experienced many things in my life. All of my life experiences have affected me in different ways. Some experiences were good and some were not. The physical abuse I experienced by my father was the most impactful experience. A parent is supposed to create a safe, stable, and loving home. Instead my father created a home of fear, instability, and inconsistency. This affected my behavior in school, and how I react to things later in life. I was born in Florida. At the age of two my father moved…show more content…
I wanted to leave, but this was all I knew. This was my life and nothing was going to change it. My father did not only abuse me when I did wrong, but instead he would abuse me when he was in a foul mood. The abuse was inconsistent, and because of this my behavior was impacted. In school I would lash out at teachers, and was defiant. My father was not concerned with proper discipline or punishment. I was more of a punching bag for his anger. Therefore I did not understand how to act or behave properly. I was uncontrollable in school. I would jump on desks, and crawl underneath tables in the lunch room. I even threw chairs at the teacher when I did not want to do something she asked. I was violent with my classmates, and disruptive. The bus ride to school was also a problem. I would jeopardize the safety of the other children by jumping over the seats, and disrupting the bus driver. It got so bad that I eventually had to ride a small bus all by myself. Of course my father would get letters and phone calls from the school, he did not seem to care. My father was more worried about what was going on in his world to care what was happening at my school. After a while the school decided I needed to be enrolled in a special school that was more equipped to handle my behavior issues. No one in the school system even thought twice about the discipline at home. If they had investigated our home they would have found out my
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