Abuse and Unsafe Practices

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HSC 024:principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Know how to recognise signs of abuse (1.1+1.2).

Physical abuse-
Deliberate use of force that results in bodily injury or pain.

Signs of physical abuse-
· Marks on body
· dont want to join in with others
· misuse of medication
· bruises

Sexual abuse-
Involvement in sexual activity without consent.

Signs of sexual abuse:
· Recurrent genital or urinary infections
· Abdominal pain
· Refusal to undress for activities
· Blood or marks on underwear

Emotional/Psychological abuse-
Any action that damages an individual 's mental wellbeing.

Signs of Emotional/Psychological abuse:
· lack of mental stimulation
· dont want to join in
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Social services have a legal responsility to support vulenrable adults.

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Identify reports into serious failures to protect individuals from abuse(3.3.)
· Mounslow case. The failure of laocal authority to proect two adults with learning disabilities.
· Steven hoskins He was a very vulnerable man who was 'befriended ' by 5 people,the only local intervention was not to protect him but to tell him off for the noise.
· Michael gilbert There was no structor in place,also he was let down by the care sector .

Identitfy sources of information and advice about own role in safeguarding and protecting individuals from abuse (3.4)
· Line manage
· job description
· GSCC codes of practice
· training
· team meetings or supervision
· local safeguarding policy and procedures
· adult socail care services
· national occupational standers

ref- cape.2012 page 63

Rebbeca Mell

Explain how the likelihood of abuse may be reduced by:(4.1)
· working with person cetred values.
· encouraging active participation.
· promoting choice and rights.
The likelihood of abuse may be ruduced by working with person centred values,encouraging active participation and also promoting choise and rights.An exapmle of working with each person centre values is each person is an individual ands has there own needs,wishes
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