Abuse of vulnerable adults

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PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Within the care sector there are many individuals who rely and depend on the help and support of others such as nurses, social workers and support workers. When this level of trust and responsibility exists it is important that these individuals are able to feel safe and confident and not at risk to abuse. It is therefore our responsibility as carers to ensure there are safeguarding procedures in place to protect all individuals from any form of abuse at all times. In order to effectively safeguard against abuse within health and social care settings it is first important to identify types of abuse so as to see how the risk of abuse can be restricted and also…show more content…
This could be an individual missing meals or medication because staff fail to realise these needs have not been met. In situations where staffing levels are insufficient this type of abuse is more likely to arise as staff may be unable to cover the work load depriving individuals of care or support. It is also essential to maintain high levels of staff communication to ensure information such as medicinal requirements or hygiene routines are carried out, particularly with individuals who may have communication difficulties or are non-verbal. If an individual is displaying signs of poor hygiene, dirty clothes or other visual indications that they are not being properly supported it is important to investigate why and ensure this is not due to staff negligence. Discriminatory Discriminatory abuse can be any form of abuse that has arisen from prejudice towards a person’s beliefs, race, sexuality, gender, disability, age etc. This is a very personal form of abuse and can be avoided by staff working as a team and being aware of any personal problems/differences or conflicts of interest. It is important to identify if abuse has occurred in a discriminatory manner as this can help identify if abuse is likely to occur again. Some individuals may have religious beliefs that require support or may restrict diet therefore it is important for staff to be aware of any individuals’ requirements. Institutional This form of abuse can perhaps be more
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