Abusive Behavior At The Workplace

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Abusive Behavior in the Workplace
In this reading, one will be able to learn about abusive behavior in the workplace. It will explain its effectiveness on productivity. The reading will explain whether or not abusive behavior is ethical. It will explain the psychological affect abusive supervision has on employees. Abusive behavior in the workplace affects all parts of a company if it is not handled properly.
My Personal Experience with Abusive Supervision
In the workplace, I have dealt with abusive supervision. My supervisor was a very firm and sometimes harsh person. I worked as her assistant for four years. Some days were better than others. One challenge that I faced was that she was older than I was, and she felt threatened by the fact that I was technologically advanced. I had to do all of her paperwork for her because she did not know how. She was the type of manager who would make a person miserable if she did not like them. If a person was not very productive, she would make them work alone and put more work on them. She would tell other employees not to help that person because they were slow and needed to know how to do it by them. She was the type of manager who would ridicule someone in public. There were cases where she would humiliate her employees in front of other department staff. Unfortunately, even though she was reported for such mistreatment, there were never any repercussions. The director took her word over anyone else. The manager…
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