Abusive Behavior Should Not Be Tolerated

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In today’s world, different types of people have the opportunity to work together. This creates a diverse setting in the workplace. Everyone has different skills and positions in the job which helps to expand the effectiveness of the company. With diversity, abuse is probable. Coworkers may belittle other coworkers on skills or appearance. Managers can take out their anger on the weakest employee in the office. This bullying will lead to abusive relationships and an abuse to power. If the company is to succeed, then the employees are to have diplomatic relationships with one another. The abuse may go so far that one may press legal charges against the abuser. This hurts not only the employees but also the image of the company. If a company is to work at peak performance, then methods are needed to prevent such behavior. Abusive behavior should not be tolerated in a company. Abusive behavior should be identified and handled to protect the employee and the company.
To identify the abuser, one must know the different types of abusive behavior. Abuse can be between a coworker with a higher position and a coworker with a lower position. The abuser may bully the victim into thinking they are not skilled enough to work there or get a raise. This can lead to lower self-esteem and lower work efficiency. Abusive behavior between coworkers “forms negative interactions at work and reduced employee performance job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviors” Another type of

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