Abusive Supervision a Non-profit Agency

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I have worked for a non-profit agency for approximately 4 years. The agency is funded by the state of Ohio under the Department of Children and Families. In 2012, the agency was expanded and now consists of approximately 55 employees. Employees range from an Executive Director, seven Supervisors, and other support staff. Prior to 2012 the agency served only up to 200 children and families and the expansion created no cap to referrals that now average upwards of 600 children. With this expansion came many new employees and supervisory changes to the agency. At this point I had already been with the agency under one supervisor and had flourished. I quickly became a leader at the agency and mentored many of the newer staff members.…show more content…
A lack of appropriate supervision is the biggest issue now faced at my agency. As defined in Navigating Human Service Organizations, “A supervisor is person assigned responsibility to carry out the supervision functions with authority to do so prescribed by the agency” (Furman & Gibelman, 2013, p. 94). Supervisors should possess relevant skills in order to motivate employees while fulfilling the agencies mission. It was agreed early on that supervision would occur biweekly after another mandatory meeting both my supervisor and myself attend. For the most part, if I do not initiate having supervision my supervisor does not mention it. A recent example of this occurred after said mandatory meeting. My supervisor and I were waiting for the elevator and I asked if he would be coming up with my in order to have supervision and he replied stating he had a few minutes. Again, I felt a lack of support and interest on the part of my supervisor. When supervision does occur, if I do not lead in discussion, my supervisor will sit quiet. In addition, there is now a lack of feeling I am part of a team or agency. I have been told I cannot attend each monthly staff meeting as my role in the agency requires to be present at another location. There are also committee meetings I cannot take part in as I am told I am needed at my other location. When these feelings are addressed with my supervisor I have been told I am not being a team player and have a negative attitude. I have asked

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