Aca Code Of Ethics And Ethical Standards For School Counselors

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In Introduction to Counseling, students learned about the ACA Code of Ethics and Ethical Standards for School Counselors. The ACA code of Ethics update in 2014 with significant changes. One of the improvements was in the preface of the code; including how human development, diversity and multiculturalism, social justice, the integrity of the counselor-child relationship, and competency align further with other professional fields. Another vital area receiving amendments was the extension of the confidentiality law. If a person makes an appointment, it is just as confidential, as what is said during the session. In the past, there was concern counselors were making referrals due to religious beliefs. However, counselors jobs are to …show more content…
Include the context in which it was developed (course or experience), your specific role if it was developed in cooperation with others and feedback received.

In order to assist youth, the government and counseling associations, have put laws and recommendations into place. One of the schools where I interned, Nicolet Elementary, had a very high poverty rate. The school, was a part of the SAGE (Student Achievement Guarantee in Education) program. SAGE is a program to enhance student learning; along with decreasing the achievement gap, and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind). No Child Left Behind, is a big component of schools today. The government’s goal is to guarantee youth are ready to succeed in college and careers, protecting lower income students, and resources are available. Being aware of these safeguards is a vital component of a counselor’s responsibility within the school.

In order to achieve success, four improvement strategies arose; lower classroom sizes in kindergarten through third grade, a supplementary curriculum, increased community relations, and improved professional development. The amount of aid the school receives is dependent on the amount of students present on a previously decided date. Some of the ways Nicolet Elementary is attempting to increase communication, is by offering incentives for parents to attend conferences, increasing the student desire to attend school, and monthly assemblies to keep the

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