Aca1 Task 2 Individual Federal Tax Return

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ACA1 Task 2
Write an essay in which you recommend the most advantageous tax filing status for Spouse A and Spouse B on their federal tax return.
The filing statuses available to the taxpayer couple are married filing jointly, and married filing separately. The best filing status for Spouse A and B is married; filing jointly. Both spouse A and B have separate income for the year and so could file separate returns but they would also have to file at a higher tax rate schedule because their income is not combined. They would be required to claim any exemptions, deductions, and credits available separately. The couple is also precluded from filing a dependent twice so if A were to file for one of their 3 dependents then B could not claim
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Generally, a realized gain from sale of personal residence can be excluded from gross income under Exclusion 121. The amount realized is the selling price of the property less any disposition costs. The adjusted basis is then determined and the amount is subtracted from the realized sum. This will give you the amount of loss or gain from the sale of the property. Since the couple occupied the sold home for at least 2 of the last 5 years they fulfill the requirements for exclusion 121 treatment. The exclusion amount for the couple if filing jointly is $500.000 and the calculation would be as follows: Sale of rental property does not qualify for exclusion 121 because the two year resident occupation limit cannot be satisfied in income producing business property. The sale will fall under section 1231 which encompasses transactions of sales or exchanges of business property held for longer than one year. In order to determine treatment of section 1231 you must combine all section 1231 gains and losses for the year. A net loss is an ordinary loss. A net gain is ordinary income up to the amount of your non-recaptured section 1231 losses from previous years. Any remaining balance becomes a long-term capital gain. The formula for calculating gain or loss involves subtracting the cost basis from the selling price. If you have taken depreciation on the property in the past and are

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