Academic Advisors : An Essential Component Of Guiding Students Towards A Successful Collegiate Academic Destination

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Academic advisors are an essential component in guiding students towards a successful collegiate academic destination. A student’s educational experience is founded with proper advisement and guidance provided to reach their degree completion. Academic advisement is a truly shared responsibility between the student and the advisor. Academic advisors aid students in developing an academic and career plan, monitor students in the major, and discuss how a course of study fits a particular academic or career interest. Advisers answer questions concerning a specific academic concern, such as problems with a particular class, and guide students through the registration process, including providing information on various registration blocks…show more content…
The faculty stated that refusal was breach of program and professional association’s code of ethics. The faculty had offered “remediation plan,” which student had rejected. Student claimed violations of due process, equal protection, and first amendment free speech, free exercise, and establishment of religion. Court rejected all student claims, awarded summary judgment to university. Court ruled that code of ethics was an academic requirement and not a “speech code”. Ward’s refusal to counsel the client or to accept the “remediation plan” was failure to complete an academic requirement of the program. This is an example of counselors not imposing their persona view on clients. In the area of Constitutional law public employees cannot infringe upon the constitutional rights of students. The biggest area of ethical concern is that students have a property interest in their education upon enrollment. During the many areas of advisement advisors must afford students the opportunity to a due process hearing if their property interest is being taken away or changed. Students must be afforded the opportunity to be heard and notice must be served in a timely manner. Advisors must take into consideration student’s financial aid and scholarship opportunities where constitutional law is concerned. Under the area of contract law a student may enter into a contract with the institution. Many lawsuits that students bring against institutions are based

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