Academic And Incentive Needs Of Science Teachers Essay

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PERCEIVED ACADEMIC AND INCENTIVE NEEDS OF SCIENCE TEACHERS IN ONDO STATE, NIGERIA This study identified the perceived academic and incentive needs of Science Teachers and the significance of their experience on their needs using survey design. The instrument which was an assessment profile – Teachers’ Needs Questionnaire was used to collect data from Science Teachers in Ondo State, Nigeria. Introduction Science teaching in Nigeria has faced a lot of setbacks. One of the setbacks is teachers’ needs. This research is dealing with one of the challenges science teachers are facing in teaching. If the needs of Science teachers can be met, Science teachers will perform better and science education will improve in senior secondary schools in Nigeria. Need is the basis for generating motivation (Dengda and Zhu, 2009). Need is defined as a situation in which something is necessary, especially something that is not happening yet or not available (Longman, 2003). It can also be defined as anything that is necessary but lacking; a condition requiring relief. However, needs as regards this research means the essentials materials, qualities that science teachers, particularly chemistry teachers, are lacking. Science teachers’ needs are the conscious drive, interest, or desire results in part, perceived by Science teacher as the assistance which is needed in order to do a better job of teaching. Science teachers’ needs are very many and are of different priority from one individual to
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