Academic And Scholarship Policies, Programs And Requirements For New Members

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C. Academic and scholarship policies, programs and requirements for new members, members and leaders Each chapter is required to maintain academic standards equal to or higher than the university or college all-sorority average. Therefore, the Kappa chapter at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will be expected to meet or exceed a 3.13 GPA, the fall 2016 all-sorority average on your campus. We expect every member of our chapter to positively contribute to this average. Position Statement: Academic Excellence
Kappa Kappa Gamma recognizes the value in striving for intellectual excellence and pursuing opportunities for self-growth. Each chapter is encouraged to foster scholastic excellence, actively support its members who encounter
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The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate members. The first Kappa Kappa Gamma scholarship was established in 1902 with $100. In 2016, the Foundation awarded scholarships totaling $764,913, a 32 percent increase from the previous year. This continued growth in scholarship awards is a testament to our commitment to furthering members’ academic achievements.
For every new chapter colonized, the Foundation establishes a one-time scholarship and awards it to a member of the charter class. This is a legacy that we hope future alumnae of the new chapter will build upon. We’ve built our infrastructure around academic excellence, providing mentorship opportunities through the chapter’s Academic Excellence Committee. D. Leadership development programs, including any conferences presented or required annually Leadership development is an integral part of the Kappa experience and ensures that our members embrace the idea of women elevating women. Like SIUE, we want to integrate a global focus by instilling the values of integrity and excellence from the very beginning of each member’s Kappa journey. From day one, members are encouraged to explore leadership roles within their chapters, specifically through the chapter committee structure. Each member is assigned to a committee, creating a place for her to have a say in chapter operations. This is an opportunity
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