Academic Articles About Women 's Leadership

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DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY Leadership Development Assignment 1 Lan Anh Nguyen Do 10/23/2014 This assignment will briefly summarize two academic articles about women in leadership. The first article described “women leaders and spirituality,” while the second one reflected the importance of “women’s self-efficacy on the success of leadership”. The main theme of both articles characterizes the key components that shape a successful woman leader. The purpose of the first article is to research women 's leadership experiences in relation to spirituality. Qualitative research methods were used. Data was collected by face-to-face and telephone interviews. The article demonstrates the differences between women and men as leaders. The…show more content…
Harris clarified that educational leaders have to cope with different demands, but said that understanding the rhythm of your own spirituality can play an important role to enhance mental strengths and help you cope with challenges. Harris clearly indicated that encouraging the improvement of others and valuing the quality of relationships are the first important steps to develop strong spiritual leadership, (Harris et al., 2007). Harris found that women, as successful leaders, share a common consciousness, fostering powerful spirituality. Four points were found to show the characteristics of strong spiritual leaders. Firstly, they have the ability to deal with cultural gaps which are caused by gender, skin color and family demands. Secondly, they have willingness to contribute to society and bring people together. Women experience a deep joy while serving others, often mentoring others. Last but not least, setting up standards of being excellent was another characteristic that was found in strong women leaders. These leaders highly value the necessity of excellence in order to achieve high quality results, (Harris et al., 2007). It can be concluded from Harris’s research that successful women in leadership have strong spirituality and a great sense of self and power in order to face challenges and create opportunities for themselves to be effective leaders.
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