Academic Background And Career Interest Essay

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Academic background and career interest Ever since my later adolescence years, I have always been intrigued by the diverse complexity of the human brain. Numerous days I have sat down obtrusively observing my surroundings just to satisfy my curiosity on how individuals think, reason and problem solve everyday life happenings. As such, when it was time to attend university, I decided to study psychology as a means of gaining knowledge and understanding about individuals’ cognitive processes and their behavior. During my undergraduate studies, for a particular reason, I was struck by Abnormal Psychology and spent hours thinking about the various disorders captured by the then Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM IV). I spent an awful lot of time trying to understand the differing disorders and how their impact on the behavior and thinking processes of individuals that are diagnosed with them. I recently completed a Master’s degree in Counseling psychology through a mentored low residency program at the American International College in Springfield, MA. As such, I was able to improve my academic skills and obtained practical experience from my clinical internship. My inherent enthusiasm to help others and be a positive difference maker in their lives predisposes me to seek doctoral pursuit as I aim is to develop a more robust understanding of the nuances and complexities surrounding behavior and cognition of human beings. More specifically, I aspire to develop a more
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