Academic Challenges Within The Campus And College Community

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What has been the most difficult challenge that you have encountered at LaGuardia? And how did you overcome it?
Academic challenges within classes seem to be the overall challenge for the students. They all had trouble within their respective classes but overcame the circumstances by approaching their Professors. College being a new step the students had fears but with the help of First Year Seminar they overcame it. Students also seeked help within the College’s academic resources such as the Writing Lab and Tutoring. With all this help it allowed them to properly organize their schedules and put them on the right path to setting them up to graduate on time, efficiently and productively.

There may be other students struggling with the same challenges you faced, what piece of advice would you give them?
Overall the answer was to make oneself more present within the campus and college community. To get more involved within the academic programs, extracurricular activities and don 't be afraid to ask questions. Make sure as students to stay on top of everything. Don’t take your class work lightly, make sure that things are handed in on time and everything is done early so that you would not have to worry about anything. Lastly it would be to have a plan B just in case your first plan doesn’t come to fall.

What could LaGuardia have done better to help students like yourself?
LaGuardia could provide the students with better communications and personal help with Advisement

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