Academic Cheating Is The Act Of Being Dishonest

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Academic Cheating
Academic cheating is the act of being dishonest in assignment or examinations at school (McCabe, Donald, Trevino, and Butterfield 2). It shows a lack of academic integrity. In the recent times, academic cheating is becoming more rampant, and this was confirmed by the many numbers of students who have admitted that they do cheat. Academic cheating can be inform of copying from different tests or other student work, getting or giving help during exams, use of crib notes or even getting others to do the exams on your behalf. Initially, there were very few cases of academic cheating because of the strict rules and disciplinary actions that were linked to such action. However, a lot has changed, the advent of technology and other factors have led to increased cases of academic cheating. Currently, it is becoming a learned behavior with various serious consequences in the future, and if effective measures are not developed to manage it, Cheating will undermine the value of education.
One of the main cause of academic cheating is pressure to do well or succeed in examinations. Many students are pressurized by their parents, guardians and peers to succeed (McCabe, Donald, Trevino, and Butterfield 6). The pressure for getting his grade is very high in many colleges and high school students. Such students believe that grades determine their future, and if they fail, they will not make it in the competitive job market. To ensure that they are not left out, they use…
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