Academic Content Standards For Student Achievement Essay

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The fifth strength that is perhaps most correlated to student achievement is how each course of study is directly related to the Ohio Academic Content Standards. This will ensure all students are held to high expectations and gives a foundational goal for all students to find success. It takes away guessing work for teachers and places value on what the state finds to be the most crucial and valuable skills in each subject area. In addition, the district allows teachers to have input on the materials used to teach and assess these standards which gives teachers ownership of how the material is presented and what practices will be utilized to meet the standards that are outlined for them. This promotes a more positive outcome since teachers feel as if they are part of the process and are not being scripted to teach in a manner that they do not seem appropriate. Alan M. Blankstein also mentions in his book Failure is Not an Option that high-performing schools use, “an inside-out process in which the team members don’t “buy into”; rather, they “own the outcome” (14). Having teachers play an active role in determining materials and revising standards allows for teachers to take ownership of the initiatives within the school rather than just getting used to them. Furthermore, having the district continually revising and adjusting the courses offered shows that there is attention to what is best for students. The district is not complacent in this area and wants to find
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