Academic Decathlon Interview Essay

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I am currently a senior in the Honors division. I joined Academic Decathlon my junior year, and throughout my two years of involvement, I have experienced many situations which have aided me in and out of school. With the wide variety of subjects we cover in this extra curricular, I often come across the same material in other classes. Having already been introduced to this knowledge, it is easier to complete certain projects and assignments. Recently, I was given the opportunity to job shadow an employee who works in the information technology field. I was required to ask them multiple questions pertaining to their job. Competing at regionals in the interview helped greatly with this. Not only did I know how I should act when giving the questions, but I knew how to respond to their answer. It was almost an exact replica of my experience at regionals, only I was the interrogator. In fact, my Academic Decathlon interview was the first major interview I had ever participated in. I’m very grateful for the experience because it opened up another door, allowing me to peek through and see a glimpse of what I imagine actual job interviews to be like. Regionals also helped me excel in the ACT. Having taken…show more content…
The exciting thing about Academic Decathlon is the plethora of different personalities and interests. This activity attracts virtually everyone from all aspects of the social statuses. Among my other classes, I purposely blend in with the crowd, not wanting to draw attention to myself. But in this class, everyone is their own unique person. Since all of us stand out amongst ourselves, bickering, joking, and laughing occurs everyday. The best relationships are made when two individuals have to work hard to get to know each other. I never thought from one class that I would make and improve so many friendships. Each year we recruit others to join, and each year I gain more
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