Academic Dishonesty At Todays Education System

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Academic Dishonesty in Todays Education System One of the greatest concerns in schools is academic dishonesty. Over time cheating has increased drastically for many reasons. As a result of this, institutions have had to enforce strict rules and create honor codes to protect the integrity of their students. Although academic dishonesty has several negative effects, students continue to cheat for reasons such as: unclear guidelines, pressure, being overworked, and lack of effort. Academic dishonesty takes numerous forms. It can vary from plagiarism to professional misconduct. Due to this, the definition of what academic dishonesty is has become blurred for not only students, but teachers as well. More often than not, students are not aware that what they are doing qualifies as cheating. Colleges and universities do a poor job of educating their students and instructors on what qualifies as cheating. Although most schools have honor codes in place to protect their students’ integrity, the guidelines can lack clear boundaries and consistency. These guidelines can also lack how instructors are to enforce these rules, leaving them without a clear process to follow. This can lead to many accidental violations of the honor codes. It is important institutions regularly reinforce the principles of academic dishonesty, so that students are aware and can avoid such situations. This cause is less apparent than others, but transpires frequently in schools everywhere. Grades rather than
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