Academic Ethics And Ethical Procedures

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The purpose of this paper is to address the issues surrounding Academic Integrity and ethical procedures as they relate to students, scholarly research and practice. We will take a look at the viewpoints of two articles that tackle this issue. When I think about the word “ethics”, morals and doing the right thing comes to mind. In life, there is a constant struggle between making good and bad choices, especially if the choice you choose can make or break your career. In the first article, Aaron & Roche, (2012-2013) highlight several levels of academic dishonesty being displayed and the repercussions that followed as a result. Together Aaron and Roche, try to identify where academic dishonesty can begin and how society plays a major role in its flourish. From an early age we are taught to be competitive and to always strive to be the best at what we do, at least that’s what most parents expect from their children. There is an enormous amount of pressure placed on children in the elementary and high school grades to achieve high scores on standardized test. Unfortunately this type of pressure if continued can lead to cheating on the collegiate level (Schellenbarger, 2013).
Academic dishonesty or “cheating”, has become a common standard amongst specialized high schoolers and prep school students. In one scenario, involving a specialized school in New York, high school students devised an organized plan to cheat on a Regents exam. Of course the students involved were caught and…

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