Academic Failure And Lack Of School Attachment

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Students are increasing turning to criminal activity due to academic failure and lack of school attachment. Education’s practices define individual achievement within a general standardization and marginalizing students. The lack of perceived achievements emerges students into a criminal subculture. Middle Class Measuring Rod Children from lower class homes typically have not been raised with the same value system of most middle class families. A middle class measuring rod is a term coined by Albert Cohen. “Lower-class children are evaluated by middle-class teachers on the basis of a middle-class measuring rod (Adler, F., Mueller, G., & Laufer, W, 2012)”.The basis of this term describes how lower-class children are put in public schools that measure their demeanor, their dress, their communication, reading and writing skills on middle-class standards that they have never assimilated from their home life. The ones who are doing the measuring are middle-class teachers. Students are being measured up to something that they can’t measure up to.
Affect Stemming from the Measuring Rod Students who don’t fit traditional molds of academic intuitions are pushed to the fringes’ and being marginalized because they don’t fit their norms. When they’re marginalized, they don’t have a voice, can’t advocate for themselves, and they don’t know how to use the traditional means to advocate. Teachers and administration sees them as non-conforming and sort of threating to their structure so…
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