Academic Goals And Career Goals

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My academic goals are to learn skills that I will need in the workforce to achieve my career goals. Being a successful student academically has always been important to me, from high school through all four years of college. I hope to have a substantial foundation of knowledge and experiences from the classroom that will transition over into my future career. Before my professional career begins, I will work hard to attain my CPA by retaining my classroom education. Furthermore, the enhanced knowledge I will gain from a Master of Accounting from Iowa State will better my chances at achieving my goal of passing the CPA exam.

My career goals include working at a public accounting firm to gain experience of the field while working towards receiving my CPA. After a few years, I want to work my way up in the company and eventually become a partner. Or, if I decide to go private working for a company, I would like to become a CFO. Whichever path I choose, the most important consideration for me as I start my professional career is not a specific job title in accounting, but rather the chance to work for a company that promotes a positive work culture and provides an opportunity for professional growth. In addition, I want to wish to work for a company that shares much of the same values as me and is enjoyable to work for.

A Master of Accounting degree from Iowa State University would greatly expand my intelligence in the accounting field, and learn higher level concepts that
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