Academic Honesty and Its Value in a Student's Life

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Running Head: Academic Honesty Abstract This paper is based on the academic honesty and how it is so valuable in a student's life. Indeed, the importance of maintaining academic honesty is also discussed in a comprehensive manner as a highlighting facet. Moreover, the aspects through which academic honesty can lead them towards better human being in their lives and entire professional life has also been under discussion. Furthermore, the emphasis has also been made that students are not the only concerned people for maintaining academic honesty but the teachers and other school staff also are also responsible in resolving the key constituents that can create academic dishonesty. One cannot ignore the fact that world is moving ahead at an unprecedented rate, which is also increasing the overall educational standards, because the world is becoming more competitive. Unfortunately, this augmented competition is leading to severe ethical issues in the academic lives of the students that include cheating, plagiarism, and submissions of identical works without providing explicit permissions, exam dishonesty, and falsification of records, unauthorized collaboration and so forth (Yates, 2007). By looking at the ethical issues in the students' lives, the concept of academic honesty has become more widespread and prevalent. Indeed, this subject matter of academic honesty has been a hot topic of debate and discussion since a long time. By academic honesty, the educational
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