Academic Integration Into Career Technical Education

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The purpose of this problem of practice is to investigate successful programs and curricula that implement academic integration into Career Technical Education programs at shared-time Career Technical Centers that lack teachers academically certified The constructivist paradigm emphasizes the importance of exploring how different stakeholders in a social setting construct their beliefs (Mertens, 2015). It also suggests that learners develop a theory and gain knowledge from their experiences; specifically, to understand a process or phenomenon (Mertens, 2015). The constructivist paradigm relates to my problem of practice because I am seeking information to gain knowledge and understanding about the “how” of a problem, the phenomenon of how …show more content…

This aligns to my problem of practice, since I plan to use the case study design, conduct interviews and review other relevant documents during the data collection phase of my research.
On the other hand, the post-positivism paradigm is comparative to my problem of practice as well. Post-positivists believe that researchers can be influenced by previous knowledge or background as they seek to verify information. Objectivity must be adhered to and procedures strictly followed so that personal bias does not influence outcomes during the research process (Mertens, 2015). Verifying information about academic integration and increased student achievement in my problem of practice could lead to the identification of relationships and prove or disprove the “what” questions. For example, what evidence exists that the integration of academics into CTE courses at shared-time centers has resulted in positive educational outcomes? Does the information related to the question need to be verified? Or does it just make logical sense that academic integration improves student achievement? If the phenomenon is verified, who will benefit? With my background and experience in CTE and academic integration as a teacher and administrator, true objective knowledge may be difficult to achieve, but I believe it can be done with careful planning and by following strict procedures. Also, the quantitative method for research and data collection is normally predominant in the

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