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Discuss the meaning and importance of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students.

On a research paper, how much information can you “borrow” with or without citing the original author? How do you cite the resources you “borrowed” or quoted from the original author? Will anyone know if you submit a friend’s research paper? No one can see you taking an online test from your living room – should that change how you take a test?
Who is hurt by academic dishonesty? Who cares if you steal test answers, falsify experimental data, cheat on an exam, or download information from a web site and turn it in as your own work?
To take an easy example, would you want to be operated on by a doctor who
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What are the important of ‘Academic Integrity’ in assignment completed by undergraduate students?

Integrity is “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values.” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
Integrity is an important quality in all aspects of life. Academic integrity is an essential part of your educational success. Academic work in a university depends on the practice of Academic Integrity as a core value. It is not only affects the climate at the university but it can also affect every other area of life for both staff and student. The objective of university education is not only to further knowledge and academic excellence, but also to nurture human beings with high moral standards, who will be responsible citizens.
The Fundamental values of Academic Integrity make clear, academic integrity is essential to the success of our mission as educations. It also provides a foundation for responsible conduct in our students’ lives after graduation.
Academic integrity is of paramount importance at every educational institution. A research institution has an obligation to provide an atmosphere based on scrupulous adherence to the rules of honesty. This climate of impeccable integrity must encompass every aspect of academic activity. The university 's role within the greater culture as provider of new knowledge
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