Academic Integrity And Academic Integrity

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The core purposes of liberal education are to prepare high-quality professionals in specific spheres and equip them with necessary skills, in order for them to become active citizens and life-long learners. One may wonder how the goals of liberal education are connected with academic integrity. The answer is simple. Liberal arts education enables students to think creatively and outside the established system, to develop independent mind and ability to synthesize one’s own information, while integrating other’s ideas in a proper way. Moreover, liberal education focuses not only on intellectual development, but also on a personal one, by implanting values such as honesty, fairness and respect. As liberal arts education goals are based on the principles of inquiry and intellectual morals, they directly lead to the achievement of academic integrity.…show more content…
To begin with, integrity does not only matter in academia. Integrity is a term, used to describe one’s level of honesty and moral principles. Consequently, academic integrity means being honest and fair in scholarship, acknowledging one’s work when using it in your own and staying away from plagiarism. By cheating one does not only undermine the quality of his/her own education - plagiarism devalues the work itself and makes the process of obtaining it by another person more complicated. According to Palaima (2003), “by disguising the fact that they [those, who plagiarize] are not speaking in their own voices, they keep us from understanding how they arrived at their ideas, and they diminish our belief that their voices are original and worth listening to.”(para. 20) Therefore, integrity and intellectual honesty are crucial in

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