Academic Integrity Becomes The Breeding Ground For Ethics

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Academic Integrity can be defined in six simple words: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage (ICAI). Through these values individuals are able to encourage academic communities to turn their ideologies into actions (ICAI). Therefore, Academic Integrity becomes the breeding ground for ethics in academia. When looking at cheating, plagiarism, maintaining academic standards, and maintaining a sense of honesty in levels of academia, the goal of academic leaders is to encourage positive values in students from Pre-K to Graduate Studies programs. For example, watching a child matriculate from elementary school to high school and understanding the reaction he or she may have about receiving their first research paper are interesting. They may doubt their knowledge and skills and commit an academic crime by copying and pasting the work of someone else. Many students do not understand that there are ways to use the words and knowledge of others to enhance their own argument, and the world of academia has deemed the use of another’s work as plagiarism. Individuals work hard to get their ideas across and when someone uses some else’s work it is denoting that person’s intelligence. Academic Integrity applies to schools in a way that it enhances the way ethics apply to everything in life. Ethics is compiled of moral principles that guide decisions; ethics are a matter of doing right from wrong, and it can be related to every area of life. Every corporation

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