Academic Learning Problems Developing From The Stress

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College students often find themselves overwhelmed with large amounts of stress pressing down on them. From the cost of education including loan debts and cost of materials, the amount of workload from each class and the responsibility of staying on top of everything, and the stress of social acceptance in a new environment. To help with this growing issue, parents and schools need to better prepare their graduates for what they will face in higher education schools by implementing college preparatory classes into senior year and colleges supplying higher numbers of academic and financial advisers. With a better understanding of what they are about to face, students can be smarter about the choices they make.
New college students
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“Students who work more than 20 hours per week during the academic year are significantly more likely to report that financial stress has had a negative impact on their academic progress or performance and that they reduced their academic course load due to this stress” (Trombitas 7). These students are pushing back their graduation date to be able to afford the cost of living, which is counterproductive since it would be easier to pay back the loans and afford the cost of living after they graduate and have the higher paying career. This then brings up another financial worry: as the debt pile continues to grow larger every semester, in the back of many students ' minds, they start to worry that when their degree is finally complete, will the salary of their career be enough to pay back the debt they will owe?
The next stressor mentioned after financial issues is trying to adjust to the responsibility of staying on top of their own grades. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school students have had parents and teachers watching over them, pushing them towards the finish line: a high school diploma. Once students have successfully transitioned to a college schedule, many times it is a hard adjustment when realizing that there is no one telling them to complete their homework and study. They now need to
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