Academic Learning Problems Developing From The Stress

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College students often find themselves overwhelmed with large amounts of stress pressing down on them. From the cost of education including loan debts and cost of materials, the amount of workload from each class and the responsibility of staying on top of everything, and the stress of social acceptance in a new environment. To help with this growing issue, parents and schools need to better prepare their graduates for what they will face in higher education schools by implementing college preparatory classes into senior year and colleges supplying higher numbers of academic and financial advisers. With a better understanding of what they are about to face, students can be smarter about the choices they make.
New college students are reporting many academic learning problems developing from the stress they face on a daily basis. The top three major stressors that are effecting students are financial debts, overwhelming work and responsibilities, and social anxieties. It is often a hard lesson to be learned in the first semester that teachers and parents are no longer required to help children get that passing grade or pay for your supplies. As full-grown adults, it is time to take charge of their life.
Of the three main stressors mentioned, undergraduate students report the most impacting issue that is preventing their academic progress is their overwhelming financial burdens. This includes but is not limited to student loan debts piling higher each day, personal…
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