Academic Motivation Essay

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Motivation to Earn a College Degree Transitioning from high school into college is a large change for the majority of students. This transition most often consists of individuals living on their own for the first time a great distance from their parents. This adds new challenges to explore and added stressors. This oftentimes will be the first time students are responsible for getting themselves to and from class on time, buying their own groceries, preparing their own meals, and holding a job. This is just a list of the few main responsibilities that newly independent students have to balance while others include paying bills and servicing vehicle. With all these new found responsibilities and freedom, you have to wonder what motivates students to attend class and succeed? The literature has shown that academic motivation is a major determinant of academic performance and achievement (Green, Nelson, Martin, & Marsh, 2006). Hence, increasing knowledge of academic motivation and the factors surrounding it, can improve teachers and professors tactics in helping students adjust and succeed in the college setting. A large portion of academic motivation literature focuses on the relationship of academic performance, and different learning and thinking styles. On the other hand, a fair amount of research has also been done on the relationship between personality factors and motivation, and suggest that personality factors have great implications for how students learn
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